The aim of India’s higher education system is attaining sustainable development and achieving higher growth rates which could be enabled through creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge. Higher education at all levels in the country is witnessing a consistent growth pattern marked by the setting up of new institutions and the improvement of the existing ones. Demand for qualified teachers and faculty members over the next few years would be substantial and will become extremely critical for states to expand the current institutional capacities, not only of infrastructure but also of qualified and trained faculty members.

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India is one among the countries that has the highest number of educational institutions in the world and, consequently, the highest number of teachers and faculty members. The unprecedented growth of institutions in India in the past two decades has led to a shortage of updated and well trained faculty members and has created a quality challenge for education. In recent years, though ICT educational tools have been understood and adopted by many institutions, the same is not true for educational planning and implementation. There is a need for well-trained faculty members who will help improve programs to produce quality graduates.

Increasing internationalization in teaching is strongly supported by the Indian education sector and is considered vital for Indian institutions in developing India’s capacity in research and innovation, driving up India’s institutional ranking and increasing the quality of teaching and learning. Thus, enhancing the academic and intellectual environment in the institutions by providing faculty members with ample opportunities to pursue research and also to participate in seminars / conferences / workshops has become vital for developing nations like India. Participation in such programmes would enable faculty members to update their research and pedagogical skills. Higher education institutions are starting to adapt and respond to professionals already in employment, mature learners and the demand from students enrolled for skills for employability programs. With the aim of equipping faculty members with required skills and knowledge, ICT Academy pursues the Faculty Development Program as its primary objective.

The indian higher education system is the second largest in the world in terms of enrolment, consisting of nearly 30 million students enrolled in 48,500 institutions. The quality of teachers and faculty members will decide the quality of the students and thereby the next generation manpower.


  • Teachers Training Program in Python
  • Autocad Workshop
  • Advanced Teaching Techniques
  • Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Digital Teachers Training Program

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